Angelarium Poetry Series: Netzah, Emanation of Endurance

Art by Peter Mohrbacher

Each step is eternity
Each life is infinity
Each star is stability
Each lake is tranquility

I see this world change in flight
while drowning on the shadows light
I see the hell that we all do walk
and speak to them that wish to talk
They dread in mist and fog and smoke
and in the fumes of life they choke
For they all fall, and die inside
and stay constricted by the ties that bide

They walk in marches, warped in their vision
all of their dreams, left with only one decision
The pain they feel stands skin deep
and on the mountain paths so steep
We stand on peaks that see the valleys
and stand in awe of all the galleys
We all do pray for the day after next
and these dear struggles I write, in text


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