Poetry Piece: The Falls

Hello there everybody, sorry for a lack of content for the last few days… I’ve been busy packing for a holiday and writing has been taking a backburner spot for the time being.

Don’t fret though, I will be writing more content for the blog while on holiday so hopefully you’ll stay around for those so in the spirit of things I decided to write a little fan-piece I’ve wanted to do for some time now, Gravity Falls.


If you’ve ever been on a summer road-trip
you’ve never seen the things I’ve seen.

In a small city, manned by character first
Politics second, you’ll find a world of mystery
of things you’d never know were real

of things you’ve heard only in tale

Yet… I’ve seen them all.
I know that I’ve had a long trip, my feet are sour

My head aches… I woke up to seeing a long lost relative
And I will always remember all of their faces…
Each friend, each member of family… forever

My sister sleeps next to me… it’ll be tough to see how she acts
Without Stanley. Stanford… Soos
I just hope that when she wakes up
the mystery will be all the same.


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