About Me

Sometimes, the story makes a lot more sense.


So… who am I? Who is this guy putting up reviews, poems and such on this blog? Where did he come from? Well, it’s probably best to take it one step at a time.

Well, to answer the question easily:

I’m Darren M Slater (As far as my penname goes) and I am a Creative Writer and Blogger.

I tend to write for a general audience, I haven’t considered a main audience as of yet. After all, anyone can read anything right. After all, I love writing and people reading that writing.

I started writing when I was a teenager, discovering my love later than I wanted to. It was at college I discovered Poetry and loved to write it which set me on the course I take. It gives me the confidence I never had for the majority of my life.

I stand for everyone and everything I’ve ever loved, including poetry based around politics or events in the news. That being said, I also stand as a Fantasy Poet specializing in any topic I really want to do.


All of it. No matter how surreal, ironic or unusual, I love writing. It makes me happy to write what I do. It gives me purpose in life to be honest. For people to read my work, it feels me with a feeling of pride. Encouragement even. That there are people out there who want something I can provide. To make sure everyone love writing and reading.

Now, you might be thinking how I stand out there? Truthfully, there’s a simple answer to that. I’m a poet who specializes in utilizing experimental layout, structure and form to present messages of any topic. Even if it’s not a visual thing, there’s always something interesting to be see. I’ve done ‘Haiku Verse‘ in which each stanza is a haiku and is available to see on this blog under ‘Honor Code‘. More poetry will be uploaded, as will reviews, whenever possible.

If i’m picking anybody that inspired me, it would be WW2 Poets. Studying them in High School, I got a feeling for poetry and decided to experiment from there. Of course, I don’t do WW2-esc Poetry (as I don’t enjoy writing the topic) but I try to make poetry that speaks for itself and entertains the people who want to know about me.

Anyhow, I hope you guys enjoy my work and that I can write more in the future.